the thing…

The thing about the demise of Google Reader is that it forced me to interact with my blog feeds again after months (years?) of inattention. Reading blogs used to be central to my support system, and therefore to my time online. With the increased use of Facebook and Twitter for networking and community (and post promotion) I’ve found myself drifting away from blog reading on my own time and focus, and toward reading those posts deemed worthy of promotion by a Facebook algorithm or highlighted by a friend. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing. I think the FB method has exposed me to a lot of authors and ideas I might not have otherwise encountered. But as I logged in to Google Reader to assess my feeds and decide if I even needed to save them anymore, I was struck by a sense of homecoming. There are bloggers I’ve missed. Inspiration I can use. And maybe, a place for me to resume writing.

I am at a place now where I think I need an outlet again. Post-relocation and the basics of settling in, and right in the midst of a new set of thoughts and concerns and hopes and dreams and sadnesses. Will I write frequently? Probably not.  But as I skimmed through the feeds that I transferred over, I felt a tug.  Blogging only ever worked for me when I needed it – not for an audience or self-promotion, but to record and process.  And right now? I think I need it.

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