We have arrived. Or at least, we have come to a longer stopping point. Groceries have been stocked. Beds have been made. The boxes of “early delivery” items (kids games, some books, my baking mixes) have been mostly unpacked into the tiny kitchen and large closet. I don’t really think of this as settled – more as a longer stopover on our way to the still-unknown final destination. At least we are close, now.

House hunting is hard. I feel like Goldilocks, only so far everything has been too small or too far or too new and nothing has been just right. I know it will come – the house that fits just right where we can put down roots is waiting for us, and we will find it.

And in the meantime, life goes on. We joined a gym with a shallow pool where the kids can play (and a kids play program three mornings a week so I can get at least a bit of a break from full time parenting). We have gone exploring – to the local library, retail, and off to a cute small town where we walked along the river and wandered into an antiques shop.

We aren’t settled yet, but we are close – and when the right house in the right neighborhood comes along, we will be ready to settle in and stay for a while. I just hope our “just right” comes along soon.


One Response to (un)settled

  1. E says:

    Moving is hard! Glad that you made it and hope you find somewhere to feel settled soon.